What is Technology?

From the year 1900 to 2020, the technology has changed a lot. This article covers some of the changes that have happened.

– Mirrors: Years ago, the mirrors used were made of steel or glass and were bulky, but they did make a huge difference. Mirrors changed everything from our homes to cars and of course, computers. Mirrors were also used in aviation to reflect the sun’s heat away from the fuselage.

– Cameras: Cameras have advanced a lot over the years. They used to be simple film cameras with a flash bulb, but now cameras are so advanced that you don’t need the flash. It’s all taken care of by the camera, so cameras are much smaller than they were years ago. Cameras have really improved and now they can do amazing things like take pictures at night, and the photos are better quality too. You just can’t see digital photography, but if you have one of these things you’ll know how amazing it is.

– Computers: Computers used to be fairly big machines. Then, as computers became smaller, they got more powerful. Computers are now so advanced that you’ll be surprised at how large they are.

– Wireless Internet: For years, the wireless internet was pretty primitive. It was, however, cheap. Now, wireless internet access is much faster and more reliable. It can be accessed from almost anywhere on the planet, whether it’s a city block or two ships in the middle of the ocean.

– Cell Phones: Until recently, cell phones were fairly cheap. They worked pretty well, but the good ones were so large that they took up most of your desk space. Now, they are the size of a personal laptop and work much like one.

– Art: Technology continues to improve on all fronts, from digital to animation, from mechanical to human. It continues to push the envelope in all areas. Even art. Cameras have changed art forever.

All of these little changes are very small steps. And if technology keeps on improving, then it will lead to the future we’ve always wanted. Hopefully someday, it will lead to computers that can go to Mars and maybe even colonize the red planet.