Avoid The Top 10 Cannabis Point Of Sale Mistakes

It produces a batch file that you can send straight to the om MP system Dors online revenue online website and now you can report your quarterly taxes and five minutes or less so we think that’s pretty neat of course you.

Have your metrics sales sink which uploads all of your sales to metrics in a one click operation you go in here you see all of your sales for the day you go ahead and click sync sales and metric and that’s it it syncs and.

cannabis point of sale

Then you’re done so that’s all you have to do to report to metric on a daily basis is push this blue button so those are the main features of our point-of-sale system on POS was built from the ground up for Oregon dispensaries we built this system based on the Oregon rules and regulations and then of course.

The measure rules and regulations as well to make you know using point of sale software for your system easy this hasn’t been ported from some other like use like a restaurant or an autoparts this has been built specifically for marijuana dispensaries and we really love the feedback from our stores so thanks for your time.

Thanks for listening if you have any questions you can give me a call Raja my numbers right here on the website and yeah it’s nine seven one two seven six three three seven one yeah that’s nine seven one two seven six three and again from our website homepage you can get information about our system about the different features and of course about cost which is really affordable so again I appreciate your mark Strassmann reporter with Utopia news.

I’m about to talk with Patrick veau who’s the coast CEO of bio track THC he’s in Fort Lauderdale Florida I’m in Los Angeles California welcome Patrick to eat Opia news mark thanks so much for having me appreciate your time tell us a little bit about your career.

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